While assessing the performance of the real estate market, the current year 2016 has already proved how better it could be than the previous year, and even the upcoming year 2017 is shaping up to outperform 2016. The rate of development and new construction rates are again picking up and giving healthier returns in due course of time. Since the entire market shows a progressive trend, the rates of home sales have even started to increase as the home buyers and investors seem to be more risk tolerant and keep being supported by the flexible financing options. While assessing the probable landscape of this entire growth, one of the latest trends that have been noticed is the expansion of the urban space. What has proved to be highly challenging for the real estate investors is they now need to think of strategies that will be helping in planning and development of lands.

While speaking of the experts in the real estate investment industry,Gene Bernshtam can never be ignored. Having passed the finance degree from the Loyola Business School, he received Series 7 and 63 licenses that gave him the permission to work for an investment banking firm. It was just the beginning for him right after he passed out from college. From there he achieved a lot and ended up being the CEO of a real estate development and investment company and also an auto business. While he has been assessing the trends of the real estate investment in the current years, he realized that the emerging real estate trends predominantly addressed all the major obstacles that the entire North America faced, and of which many will even be followed in the first half of the next decade.

For those who are keen to make some real estate investment must know which are the areas that the industry is looking forward to hitting. The Gateways or the 24-hour cities are considered to have the most action since these cities pose to provide maximum opportunity and a desirable lifestyle while being compared with the urban living demographic. Since the craze for these cities is the highest, they even pose to give the highest cost of living. While that might not seem to be affordable to many, the next obvious choice is the secondary market which is more popularly known as the 18-hour cities. Such cities have become the most predominant choice and hence the builders have even been looking forward to it and making all sorts of development randomly. The entire market is \just waiting to give a second look at the secondary market since not only they provide greater job opportunities, but also an affordable shelter with all the prime facilities.

While there are several other upcoming trends which might have an impact on the investment policies, people must abide by the services of industry experts like Eugene Bernshtam.These people know what it takes to deal with these crucial investment plans and hence are considered to be the most trustworthy of the entire lot.