Approximately 45 years ago, a man made a speech to an audience of high school graduates, their parents, family members, and friends. The key point in his presentation was that when these seniors had grandchildren starting school, the world would be a cashless place. Now, in the 21st century, cash has not completely gone the way of the dinosaur, but plastic cards and online numbers have certainly taken over a huge chunk of the economy.

Some histories credit an Englishman, Michael Aldrich, with starting online shopping about 35 years ago. Apparently some UK food retailers tried their hand at having people shop from home about 30 years ago, but the real growth began with the birth of the Web. Most people credit Tim Berners-Lee with that.

All Things Drainage

It is now possible to purchase almost any product or service using a computer and your account numbers. This includes products and services from marketers such as, which has been part of the construction industry for 25 years. With a strong focus on efficiency, product knowledge, and most of all, customer satisfaction, these specialist merchants are available for expert service in underground drainage, soil and waste pipe, valves and fittings, roof line drainage, linear drainage, septic and sewer systems, and equipment.

One of the stated goals for such experienced professionals was to bring the construction field into the new century, and leave behind the exploding costs of marketing in a traditional manner. Millions of transactions are processed online every day and leading providers have brought the drainage business into the light by offering products and services to potential customers via computer or mobile device.

From actual experience, these suppliers have found that customers cover an entire spectrum, from the handy property owner who does the work to long-standing contractors who seek quality products at a comfortable cost. These customers return to the online site primarily because they know the massive and detailed inventory in the drainage industry will contain what they need.

It Costs Less

Online customers benefit greatly from the transition to this type of marketing. Merchants have lower overhead costs and can pass the savings on to consumers. Some products are shipped directly to the purchaser, which not only reduces handling expense but also has less impact on the environment.

This method certainly seems to be working for merchants in many areas. Studies show that more than 80 percent of people surveyed have purchased online. Most of them feel they get a better price when buying this way. Economic studies also show that one of three online purchases are made in the evening. Shopping from home is very real.

The purchase numbers are consistently referred to in the billions and even trillions. A small but growing portion of this activity is coming from suppliers in the construction sub-specialty of drainage and water handling. Online marketing is setting records in the UK and around the world, which is no surprise to the experts who can help with any drainage issue you may encounter.