Staging a home when it is for sale is a way to show potential homebuyers what type of furniture fits in each space and what possible furniture arrangements can be. It is a good idea to stage a home in correspondence with the style of the neighborhood. The style of the neighborhood is often determined by the styles of homes on each street. Staging companies can be hired if the task seems too great for you to complete on your own.

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Style for the Neighborhood

If there are any other homes for sale in a neighborhood, schedule a tour of them. This will give you an idea of the general aesthetic of the area and what people like to see. Knowing what types of styles appeal to the residents of a neighborhood helps you appeal to those that would want to live in that same neighborhood. Also take the time to review recently sold homes with interior photos to see how those were staged in combination with their selling price.

Make Spaces Look Bigger

Staging a room properly can make smaller spaces look much larger. A great trick for small spaces is to use a mirror on the opposite wall of a window. The light will bounce off of the mirror, creating the illusion that the space is actually much larger.

In dark spaces, it may be a good idea to add an additional window. Windows can be expensive, and when adding one new one, you really should replace several, if not all of the windows. You may need some financial assistance to purchase new windows as it can be costly. A home or personal loan, through a trusted website for example, can provide you the funds to purchase new windows to create another selling feature of the home.

Offer Suggestions for Multi-Use Rooms

Rooms that just seem extra are fun to toy with in staging. A room that just seems to be a small bedroom is a good space for a home office, extra closet or kids’ play area. Showing potential homebuyers what a space can be used for helps them see that use for the space and perhaps come up with ideas of their own.

Stage with Contrast and Texture

Contrast and texture are important when staging a home for sale. Select one base color that slightly contrasts from the flooring and wall colors. Add accents with throw pillows, varying colors of accessories and textured items in contrasting colors for pops of color. This also allows for focal points to be made in a room with a few statement pieces like a unique piece of artwork or large wall clock.

Staging a home properly is just as important as making a kitchen or bathroom the best it can be in the space. If a home is staged with items that are not trending or in a way that does not help each space look its best, the home can sit on the market for a longer period of time.