There remains uncertainty about the UK construction industry, which too has been affected by Covid. The CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) and Build the UK cautioned that this industry is set to become “severely and dramatically affected” by the Coronavirus. According to Rupa Lakha, the construction industry has faced the onslaught of the pandemic with very strict restrictions and guidelines in place about safety, health, work, and movement. At the same time, the government told the construction industry that it should continue working. The dreaded virus was at its zenith in January 2021, when 59,937 new cases were reported.

Dropping infection figures

Since then, the figure has come down dramatically and the current average is 5,766 cases per day. Data released by market research industry HIS Markit has shown a continued recovery of the construction industry. If you are in the construction industry, this is the appropriate time to start building standalone homes and complexes, as the prices of real estate are still relatively low with there being uncertainty about the future as new variants of the virus keep on evolving with the African variant being the latest and considered the most dangerous. With there being uncertainty about the effects of the virus on the construction sector, it makes sense to hire construction machinery instead of purchasing them.

How to choose machinery and the costs etcetera

Plant Hire Kent is one of the leading companies in the UK that offers construction equipment for hire. They have a wide range of diggers and dumpers plants available for hire, along with a variety of attachments.

Cost of a digger

Be prepared to break your bank balance if you plan to purchase new diggers (excavators). They are one of the main machinery and are used to remove soil and other material from the construction site. It is better to hire one as it costs much less. Plant Hire Kent offers diggers available in operating weight from 0.8 to 21 tonnes. The cost of the device depends on its operating weight. The rates are charged on an hourly basis. Be prepared to pay more if you also wish to hire an operator. The company has a wide range of diggers manufactured by leading brands such as Doosan, Hyundai, Liugong, and others. You can also hire attachments such as hydraulic breakers, augers, rakes, buckets, grapples, and much more. Expect to pay anything from £71,500 to £36,000 (depending on their weight lifting capacity) if you want to purchase one. The hiring cost of a 1-2 tonne excavator is approximately £80 per hour.

Cost of a dumper and bits to consider

It works out cheaper to hire a dumper instead of purchasing it. You can hire dumpers, used for carrying heavy material in the construction site. The rental charges depend on their carrying capacity. Expect to pay more if you want to hire an operator too. The rental charge for a 10-tonne dumper is more than that for a 1-tonne model. Plant Hire Kent offers dumpers at pocket-friendly prices. They have different models manufactured by Thwaites, a leading international brand. Contact FGS Plant Kent today for your excavator and dumper requirements.