Have you ever heard the saying “the windows are the eyes of the house”? That’s because they are often the first thing that you notice on the exterior of the house and they let you in on a bit of what’s going on inside. Eyes are expressive and your windows, believe it or not, are as well.

What Are Your Windows Saying?

There are many styles of windows and each one has a different purpose or benefit.

  • Bay windows give an open and airy look that offers so much beautiful light.
  • A tilt-and-turn window is the ultimate functional window, allowing you to ventilate in multiple ways as well as clean easily.
  • Etched glass windows are art pieces in their own right and offer a fun and unique look.

These, as well as plenty of other styles, will get you thinking about what you want to see as you first come upon your home. But a quick tip; be sure to get the best double glazing in Cheshunt to assure that once you fall in love with your windows, they will stand the test of time.

Functionality Vs. Curb Appeal

Some people think that you have to choose between a pretty window and a functional window but in 2018, you can definitely expect both. Be sure that both the glass and framework are professionally done so that you won’t have to worry about escaping heat or a bad-looking exterior.

The smallest addition to a house can become its highlight and bringing your style outside by way of your windows is a great investment in its curb appeal.