Finding the right people to move your belongings is important because people that don’t have experience in this field might damage your stuff. People that like doing everything on their own usually make a mistake and spend more money on preparing then they would on hiring a company. You can learn a lot from professionals like Marathon Moving Co. if you do a bit of research.

There are a few steps you should follow when looking for a firm to help you out. Always make a plan so you won’t forget something and have someone help you organize it. The location is one of the most important parts so it’s recommended to look for companies that are near you. There is a bigger chance that you know someone who worked with them so they can share their experience.


The best way to find a moving agency is online because you can also check how big they are and how well of a job they are doing. Most of them will offer free quotes so make sure you take it from a few companies and compare the prices. That won’t be the only determining factor because sometimes many things won’t be included in the price. You might request packing options or special requests which will increase the bill.

If you know that some of them are great but you can choose which one is the best, make sure you give them a call and tell them about your situation and how you would want it to be done. They will give you a piece of advice if you make a mistake in planning and they can give you a quote with every detail involved. This will help you determine which company is the best. Remember to have questions prepared when you make the call. Read more onthis page.Find

What to ask When Contacting Them?

Before you ask them about anything you will need to know what information they will require. Of course, the first one will be the location where you are at and where the load needs to be delivered. A harder question is the load size which you can determine by the number of rooms you have. This is important because they will need to know what kind of truck you need. It would be best if they can visit you before the move.

If you are new in the area, you would want to know if the company is licensed. There are many of them that want to skip taxes and most of them are very unprofessional. Ask them about their experience in the type of load you have if you have some valuable items like a piano and larger expensive objects. You would also want to know what kind of coverage they have. If there would be a full-price return if something gets broken or they have released value protection which is measured per pound.

When you want to know the exact price, then you have to ask for a binding estimate. Most companies won’t give you one until they visit you and make a plan on how to do the job and how many people they would need. You would also want to know who would be responsible for the move and how long it will take.

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Preparing for the Move

You can call a company and get a date for the move but you have to be prepared before them. Some people plan this a month before because, in the meantime, you can sell the items you don’t need which takes a few days to sort and sell and you have to make sure everything is set up at the place you are moving to. Things like replacing your address in the documents and paying the bills are small but important things that have to be finished on time.

Once you sold stuff you don’t need you will have to pack everything if you won’t pay them extra to do it for you. It needs to be done properly so they would know in which room the boxes go. Keep valuable items like jewelry with you and all the documents you have. Most movers will tell you to keep this stuff with you.