Remember the Stark words! Winter is not only coming, it’s almost here in some parts of the country. That’s why Wicker Paradise has put together this handy guide to help you prep your patio for winter time.

Winter Prep Tip 1: Add a Protective Coating to Wicker Chairs and Couches

If you have been using indoor wicker furniture on a patio throughout the summer, then you need to protect the material by applying a protective coating. Wicker is a beautiful and natural material, but winter weather conditions such as snow and ice will ruin the items. However, you can weatherproof wicker couches and chairs with store-bought products that coat the natural fibers. Make sure to coat the wicker on all of the sides and the bottoms to provide ultimate protection.

Winter Prep Tip 2: Bring the Furniture’s Cushions Inside a Home

The high winds from a snowstorm will blow away the cushions from your patio’s furniture, but you can bring the items inside your home for storage in a closet. When the cushions are worn and faded, it is better to throw the items away rather than store the objects over the winter. You can always buy new wicker replacement cushions next spring when a store has trendy designs available.

Winter Prep Tip 3: Use Your Patio Furniture In a Living Room

In the winter, you need extra seating options for the holiday season, so bring your patio furniture inside to use in a living room. Before bringing the couches and chairs into your home, wash the furniture to remove dirt and insects. To ensure the outdoor furniture looks great with your living room’s current furniture, shop at a Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions sale.