Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to build yourself a small breakfast nook, and benches are a great way to do that. Clever builders can even use this space for additional kitchen storage. This advice from The Foam Factory will help you choose materials, and get started on a kitchen booth you can do yourself.

Tip 1: Order Ready-made Wooden Benches, Chairs and a Table

 If you want to have a kitchen booth in your home, then find a suitable location in the space for a table and chairs. The corner of a kitchen is the perfect place for a booth to make it easier to have seating areas for family meals. You can find ready-made wooden benches, tables and chairs to create an attractive kitchen booth. Sitting on hard wooden chairs and benches is uncomfortable, but you can add beautiful couch cushions to the furniture.

 Tip 2: Look for Vintage Restaurant Booth Furniture

 When a restaurant closes permanently, it is possible to buy its vintage booths that were used by customers. You can find these items in online stores or thrift shops. Some of these booths have unique designs that add an interesting decor to a kitchen. However, the seats are probably worn and flat, but you can find replacement cushions in the correct sizes and colors to have a soft place to sit while eating meals.

 Tip 3: Use Old Couches for Sitting Around a Table in the Kitchen

 Instead of using wooden chairs and benches for your kitchen’s booth, repurpose an old couch for a seating area. Sitting on a couch while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner is relaxing, and you can also place a television nearby. If the couch has fabric-covered cushions that are going to get dirty from food debris, then buy new vinyl-covered couch foam for the furniture.