A lot of Australia’s sporting heroes are from Wagga Wagga. These include Mark Taylor, former Australian cricket captain. Paul Kelly, the AFL legend, and Peter Sterling, a great rugby league player, are also from Wagga Wagga. This is the reason it became known as the City of Good Sports.

This regional city is home to more than sixty-five thousand people. It is where paths cross and people tend to meet. Going around the region is easy with its major transport routes.

The name

Locals call the place Wagga but the proper name for it is Wagga Wagga. Locals derived the name of the city from the language of the Wiradjuri nation. It was the biggest Aboriginal tribe in New South Wales. The meaning of the word Wagga in Aboriginal dialect is crow. Repetition expresses the plural or connotes emphasis. Wagga Wagga means crows. It is the place where crows would assemble in large numbers.

Quick history

Captain Charles Sturt was the first to chart the waters of the Murrumbidgee River. That was in 1829. He passed by the future site of Wagga Wagga. His name is common throughout the city. People can see his name in the university and even in a motel.


Housing in Wagga Wagga is very affordable. The quality of life and the country atmosphere are both great. People also get plenty of work opportunities. Almost all essential services are available in Wagga Wagga. There are many Wagga Wagga real estate agents willing to help those who want to settle down in the area.


Located at -35.12 latitude and 147.37 longitude, Wagga Wagga can be very hot during the summer season. Although there are many transport routes, there is poor public transport.

Living in Wagga Wagga is great for professionals. There are many opportunities for employment in this regional city. Families with kids will also feel welcome. The place is safe and secure for families not to worry about the crime rate. There is a very low crime level in most areas of Wagga Wagga. Rates of serious assaults and murder are very low. Break and enters are a regular occurrence in some areas. There are also some vehicle torchings in a few areas.

Retirees enjoy the nature that surround the area. There are many accommodations in Wagga Wagga with amazing views from the window. The great landscape is very wonderful to look at no matter what time of the day it is. Country lovers also tend to move into Wagga Wagga. Another great thing about Wagga Wagga is that it thrives in arts and literary culture. There are many amazing places to visit showcasing these great things. Its being multicultural is obvious from its thriving and diverse restaurant culture.