Humans need food and shelter to survive. In the same way, if a scorpion gets its necessities in your house, they might be your unwelcoming visitors.

A scorpion has a stinger at its tail; when it stings someone, the stinger releases neurotoxin. The neurotoxin can damage the nervous system. The venom is potent, but a healthy individual can survive the venom, but children and older adults might suffer from complications. And, only 2-3% of all known scorpions are venomous. It means the scorpion present in your house is probably no-venomous.

In case you have a scorpion in your house, contact Kyle pest control services to help you get rid of the scorpion.

Below we mention what could attract a scorpion to your house.


Scorpions like to hide in darkness to stay away from predators, sunlight, and heat. Moreover, scorpions are only active at night, making it easy for them to sneak over their prey. Another fact related to scorpions is that they glow in the dark. So you can use a UV blacklight to look out for them.


Like any other species, scorpions need water to survive, so they enter your pipe drains or plumbing system. It confirms why scorpions are usually seen in bathrooms and kitchens.


Scorpions are sensitive to sunlight and heat, so they need shelter to hide in the daytime. They usually have their natural habitat outdoors, but they might lookout for a new shelter if it gets destroyed or disturbed.


A scorpion eats insects like spiders, flies, centipedes, and more. Bigger scorpions eat mice, lizards, and other scorpions. If such insects are present in your house, then a scorpion may make its way into your home, searching for food.

What to do to get rid of scorpions?

At first, when you see a scorpion, do not touch it and maintain a safe distance. Using tongs or any other object, you can lift the scorpion carefully and move the scorpion outside your house. Once you are done with this, contact a pest exterminator to help you eliminate any chances of future re-infestation of a scorpion. Moreover, more scorpions might be present; a pest specialist will also help you eliminate those. In such cases, getting help from professionals is the best choice to avoid stings or infections.