Most people prefer buying a narrow block, but when it comes to the final house building and design, they go for something different. While it seems that outdoor and garden spaces will not be enough, narrow block homes designers can make use of the available space and incorporate various unique features that mostly seen on small and narrow blocks. The following are some of the features that are usually included:

Open plan use

Open plan use is the first feature that usually implemented on living places extension where possible to the balconies or garden areas. Smart glass can also be used to offer larger rooms’ illusion and design small or narrow block to feel large. Our minds are often tricked into thoughts that as far as our eyes can see without interruption the larger space it is. 

Therefore, if you are sitting in a little room that can’t see over the oceans, you will feel the need for space. Interestingly if you are in a large room, painted with dull colors and fully enclosed, you will feel the limitation of confinement. An experienced home designer should note this sense that he can encourage the spacious principle design of narrow block designs.

Impact of Natural light 

The concept of natural light can also make a massive difference. Since the narrow blocks are frequently constructed on new homes that later become the boundary of the wall to wall, natural light shouldn’t be compromised, even if it’s on the level of the ground floor. On this spot is precisely where clever positioning of the light extends vertically through the entire floor in the building.

Storage space 

Another necessary inclusion is the storage space added on the way of an outdoor garden shed that is mostly unavailable in most homes. Consider using the areas below the stairwell and expand the capacity of the garage build on the cabinet storage that is available. The internal storage space is mostly preferred on every floor level for both cleaning and linen products such as brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Small and narrow block homes usually demand extra attention that is mostly delivered suitably while using home builders’ projects. Instead, the buyers may decide to use traditional home builders’ services to make sure they include open living spaces of improving views with a clever glass use and ensuring most of the light streaming in the house. 


The storage space also should not compromise the natural light streaming from outside. Therefore, narrowing a lot of home designs shouldn’t feel cluttered. Narrow block home designs have been the most preferred trend for construction. However, before you engage in this type of construction, you should first seek advice from experienced builders.