Are you interested in getting the house walls repainted or replastered? The paint on your walls generally has a useful life of around 4-5 years. After that, it’s very likely to start peeling off slowly. The walls in your house are usually layered. After laying the bricks down, the workers will apply plaster on the walls before sealing it off with paint and an exterior coating. Now, plastering is an essential part of house-building. Without proper plastering, the bricks in the walls won’t be able to hold fast to each other. Apart from holding the bricks together, plastering also improves the insulation of your house.

Plasterwork wasn’t introduced with modern houses. In fact, it is one of the oldest handicrafts to have been recorded in the history of humankind. Some of the earliest human dwellings, though highly primitive in nature, were plastered on the sides with mud. Over the passage of time, people stopped using mud and instead began using cement and other solid materials that are much more reliable. Today, plastering is an essential part of house building. After the bricks have been set in place, the plasterer will get to work in order to create a smooth finish.

There are many plasterers in Sydney that you can hire for house renovation or building. Companies such as Pro Plaster N Paint have become very popular in the city for their quality services and affordable rates. If you are looking to hire a plasterer for some work at home, you should contact Pro Plaster N Paint and set an appointment. Let’s look at some of the many surfaces the company offers.

Preparing Surfaces

The first step to plastering is to clean and prepare the surface. After the inspection is complete, the plasterer will get to work and clean the surface carefully. The surface will then be ready for plastering. Once the plasterwork has been completed, most plasterers in Sydney will nail a wire mesh to the walls. This helps to keep the plaster or stucco in place until it has been completely dried. Plasterers have a lot of experience, so they know the best way to mix stucco and plaster in order to achieve the desired levels of consistency.


The plasterer will use spray guns, trowels, or brushes in order to carefully apply the plaster or stucco on the walls. Maintaining a balance is essential so as to ensure the walls don’t seem too thick at one point and thin at the other. The plasterer will also roughen up the undercoat of the surface so the finished coat will stick. In fact, many plasterers can also create decorative textures using stones, brushes, sand, and trowels.

Once all the work is done, the plasterer will apply a sealant on the wall in order to make sure the plasterwork can’t be damaged easily. Plastering takes a bit of time, so it will take around 2-3 days for the work to be completed.