To find the perfect home for your relocation might be difficult and in most cases it may last much longer, than you have expected. The following guide will help dissolve the common questions and go through the milestones of the buying process from the investigation of the perfect offers to the closing of the deal.

– Make a list with priorities and requirements for your new house. If you prefer buying a house only to resell or rent it out – the list with requirements will probably be shorter. However, if you buy a huge family house where you plan to move in with all your furniture, home office, kitchen appliances and other big possessions – then a better idea is to take your free time and carefully select your priorities. Note whether you prefer a better view, than a larger kitchen; whether you need more rooms and bedrooms or a one floor house is that you`re looking for; whether you prefer the tranquility in the quieter suburbs or a flat in the Downtown is the better opt; the minimum and maximum prices are very important too, and much more.

– Next, find a real estate agency that will help you with the overwhelming buying process. There are numerous types of agencies and most of them are specialized in three domains – agencies that only sell real estates; agencies that only buy real estates; and agencies that deal with both buyers and sellers. If you have your requirements in a list, it would be easier to find the perfect company.

– Receiving the offer is the next step, when you may need to make the binding contract. This step is usually formal, but it is a very important step. It will determine the conditions of the mutual assistance and responsibilities with the real estate agency, as well as give you a better orientation about what`s to come. From inspections and reviews of pictures with the recommended properties to options for negotiation and optimization of the contract – receiving the offer is yet on the early stage of the buying house procedure.

– The physical inspection of the approved properties is next. The company will show you the properties that answer your expectations and requirements at most. This includes a thorough inspection of the house and its rooms, as well as answers from experts and professionals that can give you a better insight into the systems of the house.

– As the time goes by, you will have plenty of time to think about a number of complimentary things, a.k.a. the details. For instance, as soon as you choose surely your new property – organize the relocation of all the items and furnishings that you want to take from the old house. Call a furniture removals company or search for man with a van if you have not that much objects to move. Another great idea is to hire only a van and to do everything by yourself, which requires a little bit more time for the preparation and packing of your belongings, yet it is by far the cheapest removal opt when moving on a budget. Organize the selling or the renting of the old house too. Tell your neighbors about the move, prepare your kids for the change of the school and all other things that you can do during the free time before closing the deal.

– Closing the contract. The payment takes place as one of the final steps. This is another formal procedure, when you receive all the closing documentations and finalizing the contract with the real estate agency.