Selling real estate in New York is much more than a job. It is an experience, an amazingly adventurous way to live. Social butterflies with a niche for décor, design, and a gift for gab do well selling real estate, as do those who genuinely love New York and the many immaculate properties scattered about the city. A career in real estate is also profitable, particularly when selling real estate in New York. You’re your own boss when selling real estate, and can usually set your own work hours. Working your finger to the bone is the last thing that you’ll do with a real estate career. This is a career that gives you more, not a job that makes you give more. Men and women alike thrive in a real estate career, and you might find that it is a career that leaves you fulfilled and satisfied.

NY Real Estate Brokers

Individuals who wish to sell real estate in New York must first complete training and take tests to earn a real estate license. The New York real estate exam is the test that must be completed to earn a real estate license and sell property in the state. This 75-question, multiple-choice exam is administered by the Department of State, Division of Licensing Services, and covers many aspects of selling real estate in NYC. To earn a real estate license, prospective brokers must score 70% or better on the test. There is a fee for administration of the test, and parties must meet at a designed time and location with proper identification and other documents to complete their test.

Prepare for the Real Estate Exam

Preparing for a test is the easiest way to pass! With the New York real estate practice exam individuals have the opportunity to take a test similar to the actual exam. The practice exam helps students learn the areas in which they excel, as well as any areas where practice is needed. Students using a practice exam experience more comfort while taking the test, and according to many studies, score higher on the exam.

More than 200 questions are found on the practice exam, covering every area of the New York real estate broker sector. With the many questions on the exam, you’ll be well-prepared when it is time to take the exam. Many of the questions on the practice exam are those that have been featured on prior versions of the actual test. Additionally, the correct answers to the questions is provided, along with test-taking tips, sample quizzes, and much more. Once you have access to this information, you can access it as often as you’d like (24-hours per day) with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection needed.

The study exam is accessible online 24-hours per day. You can study the information as little or as often as you’d like, with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection necessary. If you want the comfort and security of knowing you’ll successfully complete the real estate exam, use the practice information, and gain that peace of mind.