Owning a home in Texas comes with its own unique set of problems. However, foundation problems can be found in any area of the country. Many brushes off their concerns about their home, but the sooner you address the problem, the better off you will be. There are many things that can go wrong with the foundation. If you see cracks on your walls or on the foundation itself, it is telling you there is a bigger problem underneath. Here are the most common reasons for foundation failure.

Concrete Mixed Incorrectly

The concrete mix is not the same from one plan to another. Some mixes can withstand the extreme season’s temperature variations seen in Texas. However, if the concrete is mixed too dry or too wet, it can cause great problems down the road.

*Excessive Moisture

Constant moisture is a big problem for foundations. If the house is in a close proximity to a pool, has improper drainage, or the gutter system is inadequate, these things can cause foundation issues. If your foundation is constantly around moisture, you will have negative consequences down the line.

*Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can cause your foundation to crack. If you poor the concert where the weather is cold, then the concrete needs to be aerated. If the concrete is poured in an area where there is extreme heat, then you need needs to be misted so that it won’t dry too fast and crack.

*Tree Roots

Tree roots tend to overgrow and take over an area. When a tree is next to a foundation, it can push up through the concrete. These roots take water that the foundation needs to maintain a proper moisture level.

Signs Of A Foundation Problem

Foundation issues are not always easy to spot. However, there are a few signs that show you something is wrong.


Every crack that you see in your home is not a sign of a foundation issue. Small cracks can be a big deal or nothing to worry about. Large cracks are another story. If you have significant cracks it is a pretty good indication that you have a foundation issue. Look at the direction of the cracks too. Horizontal ones are more concerning than ones that go from side to side. Cracks that are pulling apart from each other is another concern. These are all signs that further investigation needs to be done.

*Pooling Water

After a good rainstorm, go outside and look at your foundation. Are there areas where the water is pooling next to the home? Downspouts should never empty onto the concrete blocks. Make sure to fix this before it becomes a big problem.

*Doors and Windows

There are many reasons why your windows might be difficult to open. However, if you have a window that was once easy to open, but not it is sticking, then you need to look at your foundation.

Getting Professional Help

If you see any of the concerns list above, it is time to call in the professionals for help. Foundation repair in Fort Worth can be less of a hassle to fix if it is found in time. However, the longer a problem is let go on, then the more expensive and difficult it will be to fix. A professional evaluation can let you know if the problem is due to a foundation settling, shrinkage or a major issue.