In the past, measuring something meant taking out your tape measure, and writing down the result. It wasn’t 100% accurate, but it was as close as we were going to get it. Technology has moved on since then and so has measuring. We can now use laser devices to do our measuring for us and the measurements that we get are exactly right. We need exact measurements for things like bridge construction and skyscrapers and laser scanning saves you both time and money. Laser scanning has allowed those firms that embrace this new technology to leap ahead of their nearest competitors.

A number of large engineering and construction companies use a laser scanner in Manchester and they can now capture data at 1 million points per second and it only takes 3 minutes for the scan. Laser scanning offers 3 key benefits to companies that use it.

  1. When used, it takes measurements really fast and with pinpoint accuracy every time. There is no second guessing yourself with this technology. It is consistently correct 100% of the time and those are results that every company needs.
  2. The datasets that you get are incredibly valuable and accurate and so this eliminates any confusion that there may have been back at the office when pondering over your measurements.
  3. When an existing site is scanned, millions of data points are measured that neither you nor I can see with the human eye and the result is a very accurate measurement of the site.

As a progressive company, you do not want to be left behind and 3D laser scanning is something that your business simply cannot do without.