There are many ways to move earth on a construction project, from small residential construction projects undertaken by a few tradespeople to massive commercial projects employing hundreds of highly skilled workers, including builders, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and scaffolders.

Making sense of the earthmoving equipment options available isn’t an issue for those with experience, however, those who’ve never hired earthmoving and plant equipment before may find that due to the wide range of machinery available for hire, selecting the right item of equipment from a plant hire company is quite a task.

Earthmoving and Plant Equipment – An Item of Machinery for Every Task

The range of earthmoving and plant equipment that we have to select from is staggering and there truly is an item of machinery for every task, from digging and excavating to lifting and loading. Here are a few of the items of machinery that can be hired from a service provider. Total Plant Hire offer earthmoving equipment for hire, so if you’re looking for a wide range of equipment and friendly advice, you know where to go.

Wheel Loaders

These are large items of equipment that can move lots of earth. While this makes them an excellent choice for large projects, due to their size (they’re available in a wide range of sizes), they may be too big for small projects, especially those carried out in a relatively confined space like a suburban plot of land.


A better choice for small projects due to their size, backhoes are versatile items of earthmoving equipment. Backhoes are used on most construction and related projects of all sizes as they can be fitted with different sized dig buckets to suit the exact requirements of the project and the immediate task, whether that’s digging or moving earth and other items, like concrete and bricks.


Small earthmoving machines that are commonly used in landscaping projects, as well as a variety of others, including plumbing and residential construction, bobcats are highly versatile items of equipment that offer many benefits. Bobcats are great for all aspects of earthmoving, from digging and excavating to carrying small loads of earth around the construction site.


Tippers, also known as tip trucks, are large trucks with a rear tray that tips back to release its contents, usually on to the ground. When used in conjunction with a backhoe or wheel loader, tippers are an excellent means of moving earth around a worksite, as well as from a supplier’s location to the worksite. These trucks don’t vary greatly in size, though it isn’t uncommon for earthmoving and plant hire companies to offer customers several tip tray sizes to enable the trucks to carry different sized loads.

These are four items of machinery that you can hire to move earth on your new construction. However, as there are many more, like IT loaders, bulldozers and prime movers, you need to take your earthmoving requirements into account if you’re to select the best items of equipment for your project.