Relocating your office is a little different to moving home, mainly because the business must still be able to run while the transition is taking place. One could always shut down the company for a week or so, which would be enough time to make the move, but most businesses could not afford to do that. There are alternatives, namely office relocation services that handle the entire operation, from start to finish, which makes it a comprehensive solution to relocating your business. If you are about to look for a larger space as your business grows, here are some essential things to bear in mind.

Think Ahead

When looking for new premises, consider the possibility that you might need more space in a year or so, and rather than having to move twice, it is better to look for something a little larger than you initially need, and the business will grow into it. That extra space can always be used for storage, which is something an office can never have enough of, until it is time to add more workstations. If you are going to use a professional office relocation company, they would have an in-house design team who can help with the selection of the new office space.

Planning the Move

With so many items to be relocated, it is hard to know where to start, and by first making an inventory list of everything that is to be relocated, the task becomes manageable. Anything that is either unwanted or defective can be separated at this stage. If your business would be better suited to a London location, Saracen Interiors are the people to talk to, and with many years of hands-on experience, they can facilitate any relocation quickly and efficiently.

Outsource the Move

This is by far the best way to relocate, as it leaves you and your staff free to concentrate on running the business, which is what you do best. An established office fitout company can handle every aspect, including furniture acquisition, IT supplies, design services, packing and unpacking, not to mention the move itself. Using a professional office relocation company gives you many benefits, and most will happily work during the evenings and weekends, to ensure that business is not affected by the move. Each job would be allocated a project manager, who is the person that coordinated everything and makes sure the operation goes smoothly and to schedule, which leaves you and your staff free to continue running the business.

Comprehensive Service

An established office relocation company would typically offer the following services:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Dismantle and reassemble furniture
  • Transportation of all items including IT equipment
  • Packing materials
  • Office design
  • Furniture and office equipment supplies

Office Design

The design service would be ideal when the new office space has been selected, and after a series of visits and consultations, the design team would submit a layout drawing to the client, and together they would work to make small adjustments until the final design is approved. Spatial efficiency is a main focus and with the right colours and lighting, your new office will bring out the best in your employees.


These are the very heart of any office and with open plan, you can have a series of workstations in the best locations, and don’t forget to add a few, for visitors or temporary staff during those busy periods. It might be the ideal time to revamp the IT hardware, and a reputable office fitout company can supply all the top brands, and make sure your LAN connection is ready when the moves occurs. People who work together should have their workstations in close proximity to one another, and the design team would ask many questions, in order to best understand who works where, and what their work involves. Here is an interesting article about workstation organisation that might make the office a little more productive.

Calculate a Budget

This is important, and your local office relocation company would be able to provide a detailed quotation that covers every aspect of the move, and then you will know your budget. A good company would not have any hidden charges, although it is essential to be clear on everything connected with the move. If, for example, you had a lot of unwanted items and expected the removal company to dispose of this, you should clarify this at the earliest opportunity, as this will allow the representative to give you an accurate quote for the job.


You must notify any customers or suppliers that might be affected by the move, and don’t forget to inform all relevant third parties that your office has now moved, otherwise they will deliver to your old address as usual. If there are a few days when the office is closed, inform everyone in advance and this will help to avoid any delays. Make sure you have all the utilities connected and ready when the move takes place, and also remember to turn everything off in the old building as you leave.

Update All Company Literature

Brochures, company letter headed paper and any other promotional media should all have the new address clearly printed, and don’t forget to change your website details and include your new office address. Old printed media can still be used if you have some mini stickers printed, which can be positioned over the old address, until they have been used up. Sales staff need to update their name cards and promotional literature, as it isn’t professional to hand a client something that has the wrong information.

Storage Facilities

Very often, the move cannot be coordinated so that it is possible to relocate in one operation. It might be that the old office must be vacated by a certain date, and the new office won’t be ready for a few days, and in this case, you must find some secure storage space for a few days. An established relocation company would have access to storage facilities for as long as it was needed.

Office relocation needn’t be the nightmare it used to be, and with modern companies that take care of the entire operation, you and your staff can focus on keeping the business running.