Uh oh! Right when you least expect it, there goes the air-con, plumbing, electrics, roof, etc. etc. etc. and depending on the level of importance, you want to get those problems fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t have the time, have no experience in that particular field of repair, or thinking that if you mess with it, you may just make things worse or put yourself in danger, it’s time to call in a professional. The thing is, who are you going to speak to?

Who to Call?

 The handyman and the contractor — both of them can do repairs in your home, but which should be called for certain jobs? Is it best to hire several workers to do each job, or is it at all possible to get each project done by the same well known handyman company?

Differences between Handyman Services and Contractors

Finding someone to meet all needs seems like an impossible task, because specialised trades, such as a plumbing, electrical work or renovations for example, certainly require special, professional skills. But a renowned, trustworthy and qualified handyman, can tackle several jobs in one visit. Whereas a contractor can usually only take on the one that he is best at.

Hire a Handyman to Complete your Repair List and Do the Homework

Professional handymen are very well-versed in a variety of projects due to the fact that they are exposed to many different challenges on a daily basis. Naturally, you should do the homework and check out local companies and read reviews about them and check what guarantees that they offer regarding work performance and job satisfaction. Some of the better ones even offer a 100% guarantee of doing the job just how you want it, and nothing less. Picking the one you feel comfortable with is of the uttermost importance, because you’ll be working closely with them around the home.

Who to Avoid

It’s important to avoid the handyman who calls or visits your home without first checking references, as it’s difficult to determine whether they’re properly qualified. Also, be careful of any handymen that try to ask for full payment before doing any work. Ask for and make sure to get a written agreement that details the job, the cost and the payment schedule, and make sure to get a guarantee in writing. Men Behaving Handy are a renowned, reliable and professional company In Perth, Western Australia, who can get all the jobs you need doing, done.

Handyman not Cowboy

Paying attention to how long it took the handyman to come up with an estimate is also of vital importance. If you are told that they will get it to you on Monday, but you end up having to wait till Friday, which could be a reflection of how they will perform later on doing the job. Nobody wants a cowboy wandering around their home and least of all you!