Renting yourself an accommodation can be troublesome if basic information regarding the rental services is not taken into consideration beforehand. Finding the perfect location and discussing the rental price is just the tip of an iceberg.

Hence, we have mentioned a few significant factors regarding the rental housing which can go through before you move into your lodging.

The functioning of electrical appliances

If you are seeing your next rental home in winters, you might forget to check the functioning of fans or air conditioners. The same might be true for lightings, heaters etc. in summers.

Make sure you do not sign any lease documents before a proper check of various appliances. Inform your landlord regarding any possible defects and get them repaired. Failing to do so would require you to pay for the electrical faults in future.


Imagine you moved to your new home and the first thing you found out is cockroaches & rodents roaming and squeaking all over the place. Or if the wooden furniture is infested with termites and spiders have perfected the art of making webs in the corners.

The above-mentioned scenarios could be avoided if proper inspection of the home could happen in advance. If possible, ask your landlord to get pest control done as well.

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Well maintained water connection

While evaluating the house, run the water taps to check the pressure. Look for any leakages in the kitchen and bathroom. Ask the landlord to repair or replace any rusted or corroded metal objects beforehand.

Also get to know about the water availability and its timings. You may not be able to solve these issues later if even a little carelessness is shown regarding the inspection.

Get familiar with rent increment

Go through the contract carefully and make sure to get familiar with the policy of rent increment. Make sure it covers the cost, duration, termination of stay and other factors that should protect your rights as a tenant. It should also involve notifying the tenant prior to the vacating of the room. Also, ensure if the documents have been registered under the local authorities. Do not make any assumptions but get your queries fixed clearly.

Finding a rental home does involve a heck of drama and a thorough check once you find your lovely place to live. To have a wonderful and hassle-free experience in your home sweet home, taking care of above and other factors is a must.