You may be pondering how to choose an estate agent, if you are selling, buying, or renting in Marylebone, the popular central London area. You can start with visiting the websites of potential real estate agents and making a shortlist of some of them based on the info on their information therein. It provides you a slid idea of their background, areas of expertise, and experience. Nevertheless, there is no alternative for actually visiting the office physically, armed with the narrowed down list of names. It offers you an amazing opportunity to see the services offered, how they work, and whether they are the right choice for you.

When you discuss with an agent, ask as many queries as you can and ensure that you get the answers you require. Ask whether they are available to assist you during weekends and in the evenings, the type of experience they have of selling houses like yours, what is their marketing strategy, and how long it takes them to complete a sale. A reputable agent will provide you a realistic and honest value for your home. Do not be fooled if you believe that the valuation they offer seems too high for that area.

A suitable experience in dealing with property experience is essential too. In case you are selling your flat, you would want to deal with an agent experienced in sales of domestic property. On the other hand, an agent with commercial experience is more appropriate to undertake the sale of an office or commercial property. By the way, an in depth understanding and knowledge of the locality is something to look for as well. It is useless to ask an agent who lacks experience of the local market to dispose of your Marylebone townhouse.

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