Keeping your carpets clean and fresh is now easier than ever before with these helpful and innovative tips found in our ultimate rug cleaning guide. No matter what kind of carpets you have or what type of dirt and stains you have to clean up, it is possible to make your carpets look and smell cleaner and virtually new looking, again. Depending on what types of soil are on your carpets, there are several strategies you can use to eliminate the stains. Organic stains, such as blood, wine or berry juice can be broken down by using 3% hydrogen peroxide on the spot. Hydrogen peroxide will not harm the dyes used on carpet fibers. Keep applying it undiluted and soaking it up with a soft cloth until all signs of the stain are gone.

Mud can be removed with a stiff brush, once it is dried. Then vacuum over the spot as many times as is necessary to get the majority of the dirt out. Use a scrub brush and a solution made of a few drops of dish detergent and a cup full of water to remove the remainder of the stain. By blotting with a soft cloth you can bring up any last bits of muddy water.

Ink can be diluted and eventually removed by the application of aerosol hairspray to the area and then by blotting with paper towels until the stain has broken down and dissolved. Going over the spot with a commercial carpet cleaner can also help to eliminate any ink residue left behind and restore the carpet’s clean appearance.

Gum can be removed from carpet using an ice cube to harden the gum and a straight edge razor or razor blade to carefully cut the gum away from the carpet. Follow this method by using a fork to work the sticky residue out of the carpet fibers and restore the pile as much as possible.

Alkaline stains, such as urine or beer can be removed using a solution of borax to neutralize the stain and remove any odors. Make a solution of borax and water and soak up the liquid with a soft cloth to remove the stain. Then follow this with a solution of white vinegar and water and repeat until no traces of stain or odor are left. The stain should come right up. Blot until dry. If your whole home is in need of carpet cleaning, you can hire a professional company to come clean your carpets using a truck mounted extraction machine. If your carpet is less soiled and you are on a budget you may want to rent a commercially available carpet cleaner. Many home improvement stores offer carpet shampooers for rental on a 24 hour basis, for a small fee. You can also pick up a bottle of carpet cleaning solution when you rent the machine. If you home has less severe stains you may want to purchase a bottle of carpet stain removing solution and a washable sponge to use to clean up any old stains. There are a wide variety of options available to effectively and beautifully clean carpets, no matter what your budget. And if a stain is too much handle, a professional rug cleaning service may be able to finish up anything you can’t handle yourself.