Most people who make extensive roof repairs finally have to admit they need a new roof. You should have your roof replaced if it is older or has had problems that included issues with leaks or the flashing around the chimney.

What to Seek in a Roofing Contractor

Make sure you choose a roofing company in Weybridge that offers a full line of roofing and roofing-related services. Select a business that offers the following:

  • New roof installations or re-roofing services
  • Flat roof installations
  • Roof maintenance and repairs
  • Roofline work
  • Fascia, soffit, and cladding installations
  • Installations of downpipes and guttering
  • Slating and tiling services

A full service contractor can make roof guarantees and provide call-out services 24 hours per day. The contractor you choose should be adept at providing chimney building, repointing, and repairs, as well. When you choose to purchase a new roof with a full-service company, you can ensure the performance of your new roof as well.

More and More Costly Repairs

If you have had problems with leaks or your guttering is no longer offering your adequate protection, you need to make sure you have the roof replaced as soon as possible. If a roof is no longer sound, it can only lead to more repairs that are as costly as they are unavoidable.

For example, leaks can lead to water damage and mould. If your walls or ceilings are compromised in this way, you will need to have them repaired. These types of repairs can be expensive; therefore, taking care of a failing roof is the best way to avoid a host of other problems.