There has been a stigma attached to mobile homes for a long time, and the truth is, these residences are a great way to go for anyone looking to purchase his or her first home, people on a budget, those concerned about the environment, and those looking to downsize. Mobile manufactured homes for sale are just as beautiful as single-family residences, and they can be just as big, too, with some over 1,500 square feet or more. Here are some other benefits.


You are not going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new manufactured homes for sale, even though they come with all the features that a standing home has. You won’t lose the kitchen island or the laundry room, nor will you sacrifice bay windows and a large living area. Depending on the design, you can have it all, including a deck with mobile manufactured homes for sale, and guess what? You won’t pay over $100,000. In fact, some new homes sell for as little as $35,000.

Construction Speed

The time it takes to build new manufactured homes for sale pales in comparison to site-built dwellings. These homes are built to HUD code standards, so you needn’t worry about durability. Manufactured homes stand just as strong as single-family dwellings and, at most, you will have your new abode within a few months. No project delays, no subcontractors walking out on the job, no failed city inspection, these homes are built to code from the get-go in half the time.

Environmentally Friendly

Because these homes use less building materials without sacrificing strength or insulation, they are more environmentally friendly to build than a site dwelling. Less material means less deforestation, which is why these homes are becoming more popular with the younger generation. Today, mobile manufactured homes for sale are also built to be as energy-efficient, if not more, than site-built homes, so you’ll save money on your utility bills, too. This is as good a green as saving green on the cost.

Home and Community Perks

As mentioned briefly above, new manufactured homes for sale do not skimp. You’ll have all the features you want, including upgraded appliances, modern countertops and tile, track lighting, you name it. Gone are the days of mobile homes looking like – well – mobile homes. Their beauty now rivals the most expensive site-built dwellings. You will also reap the benefits of the community in which you place your home, including landscaping opportunities, swimming pools, and even tennis courts.

Value Increase

Finally, if you think these homes depreciate in value, think again. If well cared for, these homes can appreciate in value just as site-built homes do, and they have the added benefit of community living. If the community improves the space and adds amenities, such as golf courses or other luxuries, your home’s value just shot up because the community value just shot up. The same factors go into the calculating these homes’ values as site-built homes.

There are many benefits to purchasing mobile manufactured homes for sale. Contact a builder today and be awed by how beautiful your new mobile home will be!