Getting the best deal from your letting agent doesn’t really matter whether you are a landlord looking to remove some of the burden hanging around your neck or a tenant wanting a good renting experience, regardless of which category you fall under, you need the best possible deal you can get from your letting agent. One key reason it can be good for tenants to use a letting agent is that after giving you the best possible deal, the letting agent will help you find a suitable property. You’ll then have peace of mind from knowing whom you’re dealing with as they can manage it directly for the landlord.

As a tenant, getting a good rent deal is a key part of any rental agreement, and a letting agent can help with that. You can leverage on the fact that letting agents tend to work on commission, so always remember that it’s in their best interest to get a good deal on the rent that keeps everyone happy as, ultimately, they don’t want their reputation to be diminished as that could greatly impact on their future business prospects. This means that the landlord and tenant can rely on getting the best possible service that should keep everyone happy, so you can basically use the approach of encouraging the letting agent to look at giving you the best deal from that perspective.

Get all the DIY tasks done

One other thing you can do in order to get the best deal from your letting agent is to handle all the things you can do yourself before contacting the agent. Doing this, will only leave the letting agent with the major task of looking for tenants for the property. This is a step that many new landlords tend to overlook when they first think about renting out a property. Preparation is the next step you take before you start earning money by using the services of the letting agent. Fix anything in the house that needs repairs; make sure you leave the letting agent with as little work as possible, to get the best deal. You can also try to consider what the tenants might need such as do they need a furnished flat in the area? If not, would you be better ditching the old furniture you don’t want anyway and then let it unfurnished? These are some of the questions you should answer before contacting the letting agent.

Getting the best deal from your letting agent is not something that is farfetched, since expert agents are able to provide you with budget-friendly information, which is aimed at making things easier for both the owners and the tenants. Letting agents can act as a buffer for both the tenant and landlord. This can be especially useful if there are any discrepancies between the two concerning the property at hand, as the letting agent can step in and act as a negotiator in order to settle any disputes, which requires professional skills most of the time.