Delhi and Gurgaon offer a great quality of life – but how do you choose between two excellent cities? Allow us to help make the choice.

India is rife with prominent cities across all corners. But when it comes to North India, Delhi and Gurgaon are important cities to consider.

Both cities witness terrific amounts of migration from the rest of the country. If you are mulling a shift to North India, but cannot choose between Delhi and Gurgaon, you need to read on.

Why live in Delhi?

Delhi is the country’s capital and its important political centre. The major political developments in India normally originate from Delhi. As a result of its political significance, Delhi has seen massive development over the years.

The city’s important cultural and historical heritage continues to be seen in modern times, not least through its several public monuments. The old housing in Delhi is large and spacious with a charm of its own. But new housing projects are built to global standards, with modern amenities that would suit the sensibilities of younger Indians.

Moving to Delhi largely assures you of a great quality of life. There are ample opportunities for work, education, recreation and a social life. Those who move to Delhi are taken with the city’s charm, wonderful after-hours life, and ample work opportunities.

Why live in Gurgaon?

Most people who live in Gurgaon cannot imagine living anywhere else – and why would they, when everything one needs is right here? For decades, Gurgaon was looked at as Delhi’s industrial, not-so-significant cousin – it was the location for the region’s major factories, and there was little scope (or need) for quality housing and well planned public infrastructure.

Over the last decade, as the Government located important commercial activity in Gurgaon, the need was felt for supportive infrastructure in the form of housing, entertainment centres, major roads and arterial networks, public transport and educational institutions. With prominent realty developers jumping in the fray to build new projects in Gurgaon, the city got a veritable facelift. Today, from penthouses in Gurgaon to middle income flats, there is a spate of housing options to choose from.

Upwardly mobile families are shifting to Gurgaon because of its good pace of development and ample choice of luxury properties in Gurgaon. The city boasts of a well-planned layout that emphasises a healthy social life as well as ample employment options. Keeping in mind the needs of the general profile of residents, prominent flats for sale in Gurgaon are located inside projects that are located close to the main highways, and which have proximity to all the important recreational and commercial hubs in the city.

Which do you choose?

So which city catches your fancy? The good news, both Delhi and Gurgaon are well-connected to each other. Whichever you choose, you are still close to the other!