Istanbul has been a strategic city since the ancient times. Did you know that at least three empires, namely the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman fought over this city? This capital is still one of the most enviable cities to live in and its residents will definitely agree with me that everyone should take a long vacation here to discover the city at its full glory. Living in Istanbul is a joy that can’t be experienced anywhere else in this world and to convince you, we give you some reasons from the mouth of the residents themselves.

  1. The Rich History

Istanbul has a rich tradition of history and culture behind its inception. Almost every place in this beautiful city has a story behind it and if these city walls could talk, they would weave a lovely narration about an era gone by. Take a walk across the city to feel the magic of the many historical sites that are scattered all over the city. For a history buff, it would be difficult to pick a single favorite site as this city is filled with many amazing places that can’t be compared with one and another as every site is unique and has a story to tell.

  1. The Amazing Architecture

The historical sites are not the only thing that dots Istanbul’s landscape—visitors and residents alike can also feast their eyes on some amazing modern day architectural marvels. Many famous architects from all over the world have contributed their cutting edge designs to give Istanbul’s skyline a good dose of modern architecture. The beautiful blend of ancient buildings with these modern marvels is a sight to behold. When you buy accommodation in Istanbul, you will be greeted by a unique skyline every morning. The ancient and beautiful site of Hippodrome, the stunning Sirkeci train station by August Jasmund and the amazing Bosphorous bridge are some examples of the stunning blend of architecture present in Istanbul.

  1. The Mouth Watering Cuisine

Istanbul is surrounded by four neighboring seas, has around eight bordering countries and people of many ethnicities. Therefore it is quite understood that the cuisine here is unique and has almost every flavor imaginable to impress the harshest food critic. You will find all kind of cuisines here—from Western to flavors of South Asia, every dish is possible here. Therefore if you want to taste diversity and uniqueness in one country, Istanbul is the place for you because you will never go hungry when you come here.

  1. Istanbul Is a Popular Tourist Destination

Istanbul has been ranked the top vacation destination in the world and also the most visited destination by people around the globe. The rich history, happening clubs, friendly people and the shopping centers are only some reasons why Istanbul is held in such high regard by the many people. Istanbul is also called the cultural and historical capital of the world by Napoleon himself and it seems the world agrees with the French emperor even today!

  1. There is something for everyone

Whether you are an artist, a freelance writer, a traveler or a business owner—Istanbul will have something that will inspire you. Many famous writers like Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemingway found their inspiration in this beautiful city. The beautiful art murals in Kadıköy are a testament to the many artists who found their muse in the alleys of this city. Istanbul is also the main economic centre of Turkey and there are many business opportunities just waiting to be discovered here.

These were some reasons why living in Istanbul is an experience no other city can replicate and therefore you need to visit this city at least once. Do not forget to have a long stay if you truly want to discover and experience the magic that is Istanbul!

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