Spring is a busy season when it comes to house & home. Not only is it the perfect time to buy a new – or first time home, but it’s also the time when our bodies and minds crave a refresh.

From spring cleaning to redecorating, you can expect to be drawn to tidying up and redesigning your abode. Luckily, spring is truly a perfect time to implement interior design updates since new trends, products and materials have just launched for the year.

So what are the most popular interior design trends in Denver for 2017? Our Designer Premier team has assembled a list of 6 trends you should keep your eye on!

Organic Design

You may be wondering what organic design even mean in Shop the home décor products at Shoppers Stop. Essentially, it means a naturally-inspired quality that somewhat appears to flow. The trend we’re seeing is driven by rooms that have a feeling of ‘connectedness’ running throughout the layout.

Materials and furniture within this style will follow a natural aesthetic, such as wool, driftwood, reclaimed wood, natural stone, plants, glass and marble.

Rustic Chic
Speaking of naturally-inspired design, the ‘rustic chic’ movement is reigning in the Denver area. In this style, you’ll see anything from farmhouse doors being incorporated into kitchen and bathroom design to barnboard accents and exposed beams.

Rustic statements are a beautiful way to incorporate the natural beauty of Colorado into your home with a refreshingly cozy and comforting charm.

Screen-Free Rooms
The popularity of technology certainly isn’t losing steam, but in Denver’s trendiest homes, we’re seeing chic and formal rooms that are completely screen-free. Think back to the more polished front room – or parlor – perfect for entertaining, and save the screens for your casual family space.

A screen-free room is an opportunity to build a stunning and stylish room you will want to show off while entertaining guests at a dinner party.  The key here is to build your room setup around a stylish piece art, instead of your technology
Monochromatic Pop

We’ve been stuck in this monochromatic color palette. Grey upon grey upon grey rooms have been driving the trend with grey walls and grey floors and grey cabinets and countertops. In 2017, it’s time to infuse a splash of color into this monochromatic monotony.

Think of a rich, warm accent color to offset all of that grey. Aim to minimize boring, but steer clear of noisy – shoot for a pop!

Large Format Tiles

Tiling has been popular in kitchens, bathrooms and flooring for years. However, in 2017 we’ll be seeing more and more of a different style of tile – large format.

Large format tiles, particularly in a long corridor, larger room or on a statement wall in a beautifully designed bathroom provide a sleek and very ‘current’ look to your rooms. Particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, pairing drastically different type sizes, such as large format tile on the wall and very small format tile on the floor can provide dynamic contrast to the room.

 Dramatic Textured walls

Dramatic textured walls have been making their rounds around many of the chicest homes in Denver. However, this interior design element is not for the faint of heart. Often, some serious work could need to go into planning a dramatic textured wall – but boy is it a statement! Think of something you’d see in a bold and high-end lobby of a chic hotel or office building. Dramatic textured walls make major statements and are beautifully geometric or artistically-inspired.

If you’re interested in freshening up the interior design in your Denver based home, contact Designer Premier for a consultation.